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Subside.zine - Issue 1

a collection of travelogues from other places
that turned from fading pages
to virtual spaces

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~enjoy the journeys~

" is already Thursday. We have done nothing. Or at least nothing big. Marrakesh is a city of many small pleasures.
Not one big thing. We take a horse-drawn carriage. We drive past pink city walls. We enter a pink city gate...."

"...oh, there was no settling down for me. As soon as I saw that there was so much going on outside of the place where I grew up, I knew I had to see more

"...I was excited to finally arrive, but was awestruck that the 'black-market' had booths across the street. It was a beautiful day, cloudy then sunny, then cloudy again, which made the colors blink vibrant and dull on the church and domes.

"...the rhythm of the trek, the physical exertion, the cool in the shade of the mountain, the warmth of the sun, breathing the thin cool air, seeing Kara Kara eagles soaring, purple orchids, cycads, ferns, mosses, and pastures with llamas..."

"...I know that it hardly will be as easy as this, but then there always is hope, that is what keeps you afloat in moments like this, hope and the excitement of being a stranger in a strange place, hope and the sights along an unknown way..."