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Subside.zine - Issue 6
March 2005

Featuring Canyonlands -
Bucharest - Savannah - Nuremberg

The theme of this issue, unplanned it unraveled into road trips and life journeys. Next to each other they stand now: Moments of passing through in Nuremberg and seasons of settling in Savannah. Comebacks to Canyonlands and beginnings in Bucharest.
Tales of ancient ruins and modern art, of reflected past and present history.

Tales of this world, so different, so alike. So full of unique colours and matching lines.


It is time on a different scale, with processes so gradual, so persistent. An immensely patient accumulation of sandstone layers worked by the forces that sculpt the canyons and the mesas. It is time on a planetary scale instead of a human scale..."

Casa poporului is probably the most famous sight of Bucharest. But I much more enjoyed going through little side streets, seeing architecture that seems influenced as much by oriental as by occidental culture, old villas that had a certain decadent charm about them..."

...I am the accidental tourist that stumbled into Savannah like a lost soul, searching for home, for comfort, for freedom. I landed, with a thud, in the middle of a city smaller than the one I had left behind, but bigger by far in the way it conducted itself..."

" I change the lanes here, move to the right side, which leads to the centre of Nuremberg, or: Nürnberg, as it is called in German. The city of Albrecht Dürer and of the traditional Christmas Market. And currently, the city of the Niki de Saint Phalle exhibit..."