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Part 4: The fullness

My travel companion and I dined on Savannah's richness that first week here, savoring all that she had to offer, flounder in apricot glaze, crème brulee with raspberries, peaches ripe and full, and shrimp, so much shrimp.

We happened upon places that were more cozy residences rather than restaurants on the strip or anything of a commercial nature. This gave another meaning to the phrase "down home" cooking.

It means that Savannah opens the front door and welcomes you in to such places as an old pink house, very reminiscent of the Revolutionary War era homes, or a tea room resembling someone's library, dim and delicious, or a refreshingly breezy beach home overlooking the vast marsh plains of Tybee, with vivid drinks and explosive tastes.

This is the real reason to come to Savannah, to savor its flavor. You can stay for a week and eat somewhere new for every meal and still not have tried it all. And I must confess, even though I am from the north, I love grits. Once I tried them, I fell in love and it's certainly a staple of the Southern diet.

5. The presence of

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