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Thursday, 19th February, 2004

In the before

I am flying to the US next Friday!

Two days ago, we officially got the okay to go to the company convention in
San Francisco, and I already booked my flights
... I'm so excited about this!

First of all - the convention - this is the biggest company event I have ever been to, there will be about 500 people there from all around the world, all of the important presidents and managers. It will be very challenging but this is exactly what I need - to be challenged, to get out of my comfort zone and stretch my limits, to examine my capabilities and social and professional skills.

And then, I am taking another week - a vacation - in New York! I have very good friends, who are living there, and I will probably stay at their places and experience the city - with them and with myself... This will be my very first time in the US... and the vacation I needed so much, I was thinking about it as I got back from the business trip to Germany - that I need to get away, be some place new, with new people, a new atmosphere, new energies... and it is all going to happen in the best possible way.

So I will be away for two whole weeks. One is San Francisco, one in New York. And then go back home with a bag full of adventures and experiences, business and personal, people and places and sights and events... I will get to taste and feel something completely new and exciting... Oh what an adventure!

- E.