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Reflections from New York
Part 2: Just another dot

"I thought you would be more excited", Nir said when we
were driving through the amazing Brooklyn bridge on to

It was dark by then, and the tall, endless buildings were rising right above me and all around, everything full of lights and sounds and constant movement, everything so big and mighty, so full and fast and enormous, that my head was spinning.

I was gazing at everything - the water all around - Hudson River, the beautiful bridges decorated with lights and then those dozens of sky-scrapers, all dotted with small lights, and each light was a home or an office, where people lived and worked, millions of tiny little lights and each and every one of them was a whole world.

It made me feel so small myself.

Just another dot in this gigantic place where there is everything and everyone all at once, at any given moment - joys and tragedies, laughter and cry, boredom, surprises, small thoughts and big thoughts, the world is being managed from this very place - the Wall Street, all the great financial brokers, models, actors, singers, performers, all agencies and producers and Broadway Directors...

The highest of the high, the lowest of the low, the ugliest, dirtiest most repelled - side by side with the purest, cleanest, most beautiful. The queerest of the queer... the richest and the poorest - all extreme edges and everything in between. You see it all here.

All shapes, all colors, all types. Anything you could ever think of and more. You see it all here.

Part 3: Everything, everywhere

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