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Reflections from New York
Part 6: With a full heart and a mind in a daze

The rest of the week I wasn't alone anymore, which was just what I needed. And the weather got better as well.

A walk through SoHo and Chinatown with my friends Adri and Limor, the colorful Chinatown which is in a very big part very touristy but you could also find the real authentic places, where you didn't hear even one word in English and the stores were so unique and different - all kinds of seaweed, fruit, special rice candy and chopsticks of all kinds... it was in a way like being in the far east for a couple of hours.

SoHo - the place of fashion and chic - designer stores, cool bars, cool young people. Funny, in a way it reminded me of Tel Aviv... then I realized once again how much Israel is influenced by the US in so many aspects and also how much Tel Aviv is no different than any other big metropolitan city with all that you need to be cool and fashionable and hip...

Lunch in a nice Thai restaurant on Union Square, night out to a small Irish pub where the bartender kept filling my glass with Cosmopolitan, although I ordered only once. And on my last night there - a costume party on a boat around Manhattan, with Karaoke and dancing and Sushi...

By the end of that week I felt like I've seen it and did it most. I had some time to relax and catch up on my sleep and still enough time to explore everything that I wanted to. And that included of course that day when Chris, my colleague, came to meet me in Manhattan and we went to see "Fame" in Broadway and then had Cosmopolitan on the 8th floor of the Marriott hotel right on Times Square.

And then it was time to leave... Saturday night, all my bags are packed, and after more than two weeks I am making my way back home, with a full heart and a mind in a daze from all that I've seen and known and learned.

- EH, 2004, Tel Aviv -

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