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About and beyond

The trip to Greece
I often ask myself why I keep going back to Greece, because I'm really of Scottish descent. Maybe in another life I was Greek. All I know is I keep searching for THE place. I'll know when I find it and I've been close a few times.

Sifnos is one of those close things - I can go back there time and time again, never be disappointed and always find something new. Every time I go I write a diary and it always reads differently. Every time I go I take pictures of the same things and they are always different.

Travel bio
Back in the 70s, for Australians, it was the thing to spend holidays in Singapore or Fiji so we did this. And Vanuatu. Then Bali became popular so we did that. And Thailand. Then we were offered the last two places on a political tour to China which was fairly big deal in those days. We were very lucky because we saw places other tourists weren't ever taken to. Then my daughter taught English in China for a year, so of course we made another tour as independent travellers.

It was difficult then, not like it is now. Also, I used to go to England on business every 18 months and knew my way around London better than the locals.Now I have this Greek thing. But I dearly want to get to the US, Canada, Italy and Europe (don't want much do I?). And when, at last, I am only capable of being lifted into a bus, will I tour New Zealand properly, maybe leaving the best til last

My favourite travel books

I have only one favourite travel book, the guide book of the country I'm visiting. It is very difficult to find decent travel books which are not guide books here. Recently I scrounged round the markets looking for secondhand books on travel with very little success. Maybe I don't look in the right places. I'm thinking of writing my own travel book, actually. No-one else will read it, but I'll know it's there! :)

When I'm going away, I load my case with books. It's why I always have big trouble lugging my luggage. I go to the junk tables of the shops and markets and buy 6 books for $10 x 3. My taste is eclectic and I give them away to other tourists when I've finished them. The best book I ever received was a book on Crete sent to me by my Israeli friend.