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Saved on Sifnos

Part 5: Don't worry

After two days we decided to move on to the island of Sifnos. We had tried to book a room from Kythnos, but to no avail. However, in the way of the ever-optimistic tourist, and being quite wet behind the ears, we took this to mean we could still turn up and find somewhere to doss. So we did! And we didn't! The agent at the little port town of Kamares was swamped with people like us needing rooms, and those available had long ago been allotted. He advised us to take the bus to Sifnos's main village of Apollonia, up in the hills, and to try for a domatia with the village people. By this time siesta had closed Kamares, and by the time the bus had ground up the steep road to the square at Apollonia, this village was also asleep.

To give him his due, the tourist officer in Apollonia rang everyone he could think of on our behalf, but then with a shrug, sent us off up the narrow flagstone street to take pot luck with domatia. It was very hot, the luggage heavy, the street led steeply upward and there was not a soul in sight. Suddenly we came upon a little square with a small hotel on the corner. It had a tiny terrace shaded by grapevines and a café open for business, so we dragged our luggage to the terrace and sat down, dying for a drink and something to eat.

And so we met our friend Apostolos for the first time.

Apostolos spoke English very well. He listened to our tale of woe, fed us Greek salads and icy caffe frappes and said "Don't worry. I'll find you something."

Part 6: Wonder of wonders

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