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Saved on Sifnos

Part 4: One room left

There was not a spare seat on the whole two decks, and with the press of humanity, plus dogs, canaries and a man carrying a cat in his arms, the air conditioning in the main cabin gave up the ghost. Good heavens, we thought, this island-hopping thing is more popular than we thought! We managed to find seats on the top deck which was aflutter with humanity in holiday garb, like washing on a breezy day, and after two and a half hours of relaxed steaming, during which time we became acquainted with our fellow travellers who soon found we were from Australia ("do you know my cousin Stavros who lives in Melbourne?"), we were asked to assemble below for disembarkation on Kythnos.

Of course there were no domatia owners meeting the ferry. The huge crowd disembarking with us was quickly swallowed by cars, taxis and buses full of welcoming relatives, and we soon ascertained from a tour of the waterfront that all accommodation was fully booked. While I sat on our luggage, the better-half trudged around the bay to a hotel perched on the far side. He struck a sympathetic manager called Dimitrios who, although he had no rooms himself, called another hotel at Loutra on the other side of the island, which had one room left because some-one had not turned up. Thus, Dimitrios saved us from our first-ever night of sleeping on the beach of our first-ever island-hop!

Part 5: Don't worry

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