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The Caribbean
The author is a twenty-something Brit who arrived in Barbados in 2003 with two suitcases and a permit to stay for two years. She is trying to make the most of her brief residence in the land of sunshine, palm trees and cricket, and has managed to get some sort of suntan for the first time in her life. She enjoys underwater photography, although she isn't very good at it.

Travel bio
Countries visited in the last years include Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, USA, Grenada, Italy, Ireland, and, of course, Barbados.

Books in my backpack

Rough Guide to the Caribbean
Nicky Gate & Arabella Bowen

During this trip I was travelling with hand luggage only, so there wasn't much space for books. The only one I took was The Rough Guide to the Caribbean.