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Snapshots of the Caribbean
Part 8:
A turn for the worse

The Old San Juan feels very Spanish, despite some obvious American influences such as the size of cars (the bigger the better, it seems) and branches of American stores. The streets are narrow and cobbled, with buildings painted in a variety of colours. The cathedral (Roman Catholic) could have been lifted from any Spanish town, with candles, statues and incense all in evidence. I make a mental note to add several South American countries to my 'must visit' list.

Despite our optimism, the weather takes a turn for the worse, and we gradually get more and more soggy. Once the rain starts coming through my umbrella (something that has never happened to me before), we decide that a hot shower and a change of clothes are in order, so we head towards the hotel. We give the name of our hotel to a taxi driver, who tries to explain to us in a mixture of Spanish and English that he cannot take us. It takes a while to realise that this is because the road out of Old San Juan is under water. Twenty minutes later, he mysteriously announces that he can take us after all.

Back in the hotel room, we switch on the TV to find that the authorities are broadcasting flood warnings. Later still, our annoyance at getting a bit wet is put into perspective when we hear that there has been severe flooding and that lives have been lost in Hispaniola (Haiti and the Dominican Republic), which is the island immediately west of Puerto Rico.

Part 9
: Three Flags

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