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Snapshots of the Caribbean
Part 4:
Late If At All

Most Caribbean states produce rum, and Grenada is no exception. We visit the River Antoine Rum distillery, the oldest distillery in the Caribbean, where we see sugar cane going into the mill (powered by an 18th-Century waterwheel), and the vats of fermenting sugar syrup. The smell is sickly-sweet and quite overpowering. The rum produced at this distillery is 75% proof, and one sip is enough for me! Back in the van, I promptly fall asleep, much to the amusement of my friends.

Our final stop is Grand Etang Lake, which is in the crater of an old volcano. The temperature here is noticeably cooler, and clouds obscure the very top of the mountain. We also spot a couple of Mona monkeys, which look very different from the green monkeys of Barbados. However, just like the green monkeys, they seem happy to take food from unsuspecting tourists!

Having covered a large proportion of the island's 121 square miles in just 6 hours, we are exhausted and glad to get back to the hotel. We have decided to go to a posh restaurant for dinner, and it feels slightly ridiculous getting all dressed up in our dingy room. However, dinner is delightful, and, tired out and with full stomachs, we sleep like babies.

The next morning, we pack up and check out, before heading towards the longest and most famous beach on the island, Grande Anse beach. The beach is over 2 miles long, with golden sand. The only negative factor is that the sea is not as clear as it is in Barbados. We have brunch at a restaurant on the beach, before parking ourselves on the sand to soak up some rays before we have to leave. The sun is hot and we take frequent dips in the sea to cool off. All too soon it is time to leave. Still covered in sand, we make our way to the airport where - inevitably - our plane is delayed. Liat once again lives up to its nickname 'Late If At All'. Again the flight in the propeller-driven plane is smooth, and we land in Barbados just over 48 hours after leaving. We bring back with us a lot of photos and several new mosquito bites each.

One of the pictures in a poem: Grand Etang Lake

Part 5: An Unexpected Snowfall

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