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Snapshots of the Caribbean
Part 5:
An Unexpected Snowfall

Monday, it's back to the office again. As an ex-pat, I am lucky to have a job where I mix with local people most of the time. My colleagues are on a mission to teach me to speak the Bajan dialect, and each morning they give me a 'word of the day', while I amuse them with stories of life in the UK.

On Tuesday, one of my team has trouble understanding the fact that I feel cold in our office, where the air-conditioning has been set to 'Arctic'. "But you're British, you're used to the cold," he tells me. I try to explain that we have central heating and we wear warm clothes, but he is not convinced.

He also has trouble believing that it ever gets hot in Britain, and he thinks I am lying when I tell him that last summer we had several days when the temperature reached 36 degrees Celsius. I also show them pictures my family emailed me from the UK in March, when there was an unexpected snowfall. Most of my team have never left the Caribbean, and cannot imagine what snow is like. My descriptions are woefully inadequate.

Friday afternoon I leave work early to pick up an English friend from the airport. Unfortunately, we are in rainy season, and as his plane lands, the heavens open. Like my colleagues, he has a slightly skewed notion of the weather in a country thousands of miles from home, and expected non-stop sunshine. He is disappointed that it is raining, despite me telling him numerous times that it rains almost every day here.

We have dinner at a bar near where I live, and I am reminded how much I take for granted living here, as my visitor is delighted to be eating freshly-caught fish in the open air, overlooking the sea.

Part 6
: Old San Juan

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