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The view from our bungalow at AKR

December 18, 2000
...where flying is a pleasure?

We left Copan at 8:30 and made it back to San Pedro Sula by 11:30 AM. We had a much better drive than on the way to Copan. It was easy and uneventful. We turned in the car and waited for our 2 PM flight. For lunch we had the only food available, Wendy's, and got cash from the ATM.

I had been nervous about flying on very small planes since I began planning this trip and my fears were not disappointed. The plane left at 2:15 and was a 22 seater on the new Honduran airline, Atlantic Airlines. We sat right behind the pilot, so close I could see the Russian writing on the control panel. From San Pedro Sula we flew to la Ceiba and had to get off the plane. We were back on plane at 3:00 PM for our flight to Roatan, complete with free airline T-shirts. One per passenger, the shirt read, "Donde volar es un placer" - "Atlantic Airlines, where flying is a pleasure"

Upon arrival, Anthony's Key Resort (AKR) was there to pick us up in their van. Fortunately, our luggage arrived with us. Some people we met later weren't so lucky. We arrived at the resort around 4pm and filled out our paperwork (passport and dive info) and went to our room. The room is ok, but not luxurious by any means. Ours was an A/C room on the key which meant it had sealed windows, air conditioning and was on a little island only accessible by boat from the main island. The rom had 2 double beds and a decent bathroom with shower only. This was a fairly new room, built after Hurricane Mitch in 1998. Our room (room 17) looked out over the dolphin pen and the resort proper. It might have been better to be on other side toward Bailey's key, in order to see the sunsets.

Dinner that night was a BBQ on the Key, right outside our room. It felt like the first day in a new school where everybody knows everyone else. We sat alone and no one talked to us. Our fault, I'm sure; we should have been more social.

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