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Our private deck, on a sunny day

December 21, 2000
Moka Pie?

I spent the morning spent on our private dock, reading. The weather was too harsh for me to dive so I decided to wait until the afternoon. I was going to brave the last dive of the day which was to be only 45 feet in depth. On the way to the dive site, we encountered harsh waves, and churning water. Still, I got in water, started to go down, and discovered there was virtually no visibility, and came back up. At that point the current was very strong and we were being hurried by Alonso (the dive master) so I decided to get out of the water and get back on the boat with the boat captain Tyrone. I probably could have done the dive, but I really didn't want to be rushed and risk panicking again. It will just have to wait for another time.

Another thing that will have to wait for another time: great food. AKR is supposed to have the best food of any of the resorts here, and if so, I may never come back to the island. Some things are done well, like the fresh baked bread rolls, and the soup is usually good, but other things are just sloppy or downright bad. Most of the main course lunches and dinners we've had have been obviously pre-cooked and thus, over cooked beyond recognition and drowned in the same brown sauce. It's absolutely frightening what they do to fish here.

Then there's the issue of dessert. Almost every night it's a variation on the same theme, usually a "pie", which is in reality some sort of yellow cake with a frosting. Tonight, however, "took the cake", if you will pardon the pun. The menu said, "Moka Pie". Sounds like it could be good, no? It was, again, the yellow cake, sliced into layers, filled with whipped cream, and topped with drizzled chocolate sauce and walnuts. Nothing mocha, or for that matter, "moka", about it. And the piece de resistance was a 1/2 inch slice of pineapple sandwiched in between the layers of cream and cake. What is that about anyway?

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