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About and beyond

The journey through North America
It was an accident - me surfing onto Amtrak website. The idea stuck, though. So when I decided to go to Seattle for two weeks, it was only natural for me not to fly any further than Chicago and then cross the Great Plains and the Rockies by train. It turned into one of my dearest memories of that summer.

Travel bio
School, too many episodes of Northern Exposure, and coincidental moments we call life, have had me travelling since an early age. Western Europe for beginners, familiar Central Europe, Finnish Lapland in snow, Greenlandic summer, recovering Balkans and some bits and pieces to fill the gaps. The future is still rather uncertain, but it includes some more former Yugoslavia and hopefully more North.

this is me in the clouds



Books in my American backpack

Lonely Planet

Interesting passages about Chicago and small towns along my journey to the Pacific coast.

Svetlikanje v mraku
Alma M. Karlin

Fiction about ficticious travellers by a real early day woman traveller. The original German title of the book is "Windlichter des Todes".


My favourite travel books

There's only one favourite travel book:
The Times Atlas of the World - Mini Edition