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Sears Tower, Chicago

Chicago - Seattle
Part 1: Rectangular structures

So here I am, flying over the pond. Hardly into the unknown, but it sure feels like it. For the first time I will truly be alone on a different continent. I can see the southernmost tip of Greenland from the plane. A silly grin forms on my face. If I can see Greenland from here, I'm still at home.

The feeling of really being alone finally hits me while waiting for my baggage at Chicago O'Hare airport. From here on it's not up to the airlines anymore, I have to make my own way. So I get lost a bit trying to find a train into the city.

It is early afternoon and people are making their ways into the city. Eavesdropping on their conversations, I learn that their plan is to secure good fireworks-viewing spots in the park. I don't pay too much attention - my first priority at this moment is to not get lost trying to find the hostel.

As I get off the train, the almost unbearably stifling air hits me. The rectangular structure of central Chicago is very easy to navigate and I'm in my hostel room in no time. Thank God for air conditioning and en-suite shower and bathroom. Now I know why it is the most expensive hostel I've ever stayed at.

I take a walk to the main train station to pick up my ticket to Seattle. The wind is blowing, it's raining a little and I'm falling in love with the city. I have no idea why. I am totally unprepared as a tourist for this place. I almost literally bump into Sears Tower on the way.

Part 2: The 4th of July

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