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The endless plains of Montana

Chicago - Seattle
Part 4: The Empire Builder

Finally I board the train. It's called The Empire Builder. First I sit on the left, but immediately move to the other side. I want to be able to see Glacier National Park when we go through Montana. I manage to get two seats to myself. There is so much leg room on this train!

And off we go...

It takes forever to get out of Chicago. It is exactly like we were taught in high school and also uni, and the suburbs seem to go on and on.

Once we're out of Chicago, the landscape hurries by. Lakes, pastures, fields, small towns. Passengers getting off and on the train. Glenview, Illionois... Columbus, Wisconsin… Portage, Wisconsin… La Crosse, Wisconsin… Winona, Minnesota..

My little atlas is my best friend right now. I see some fireworks on the way. I fall asleep. Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota… Fargo, North Dakota… I wake up just enough to see the town made famous by the Cohen brothers' movie.

I'm in a strange half-asleep state I only get into on trains. Trains are like a second home for me. I love traveling long distances by train, even if it sometimes means it is more expensive than going by plane.

Part 5: Some pelicans somewhere

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