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Sunrise in North Dakota

Chicago - Seattle
Part 5: Some pelicans somewhere

I wake up just in time for sunrise in North Dakota. I prefer sunrises to sunsets. They're not always visually as stunning, but their symbolism is much more dramatic. Here, now, somewhere in North Dakota, a new day is starting, bringing life to this empty place. After a successful birth of a new day, I drift back to sleep.

North Dakota is flat. It was flat where I entered and it is flat at the train's last stop, Williston. The vastness of these plains is quite incomprehensible to me, it is difficult to imagine that this landscape goes on for thousands of kilometers in all directions. There's a lake every now and then, I see some pelicans somewhere.

Eavesdropping is the best entertainment, and quite educational, too. I learn a lot about oil refineries and railways in the area. It's great to be traveling somewhere where I understand the language.

I thought Montana would live up to its mountainous name. Not true! The eastern half of the state is hardly different from North Dakota. The only time I leave the train during my journey is in Havre. This small town is really in the middle of nowhere. It is good to accumulate some heat for the overly air-conditioned train, though, and get some ice cream.

Part 6: Almost 46 hours

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