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Chicago goes on and on

Chicago - Seattle
Part 2: The 4th of July

The train station is not very prominent on the outside, unlike the grandiose European train stations, where you don't even need to see a train to know what the building is. Union Station is great on the inside though. It is one of those movie train stations, where the male lead runs after the love-of-his-life female lead who is a minute away from departing for the other side of the country. At least that's what the main hall looks like. I pick up my ticket. Wow, Chicago - Seattle! So I really am doing this ...

On my way back to the hostel I get some food for the upcoming train journey. I'm seriously running out of errands. Now I'll have to get organized and be a tourist. More and more people are on the streets, going to the park. I knew 4th July was a big deal, but I didn't know it was this big! There's a pretty bad headache starting at the back of my head. It must be jet-lag.

Back at the hostel I start talking to my Canadian room mate. She suggests I go see the fireworks in the evening. Perfect! I just hope I stay awake till then. It's not just jet-lag - I slept less than 4 hours the night before.

I do manage to stay awake until the evening. A shower helps. And the air conditioning - I'm too cold to fall asleep!

Grant Park is very crowded. It is not just because of the fireworks, there's also Taste of Chicago, a huge food fair held at the park. Still I manage to find the perfect spot on the waterfront. The fireworks are spectacular. I am truly in awe. I have seen some great fireworks in my life, and these are probably right up there next to northern lights.

I get back to the hostel at 10pm and fall asleep almost immediately. Some time in the middle of the night the fire alarm goes off, but really I am woken up by an American woman telling me to leave the room. I manage to get my shorts on and pretty much sleepwalk out. Ten minutes later, after the fire fighters have checked everything, we're allowed to go back. Again I fall asleep immediately.

Part 3: Magnum Double Caramel

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