Sunday, 2nd January, 2005

The first Sunday of the new year ~

and outside rain is whispering in strings. Upstairs, next to my desk, a new calendar. Here and Now it is named. It includes international holidays, the moon phases, and quotes. The picture for January is China. Temples at dusk. And a sun so soft that she could be the moon. Or a moon so shining that he could be the sun.

This is what the quote says:
"In the present moment
You might even transform the past."

And I sit here
browsing flight schedules
and think..
In the present moment
You might transform the future
With a click on the screen

For this is the news of the day: Ronnie and me will travel to the US. It's not all set yet, but it looks like we will fly to Florida end of January for 2 weeks of holiday time. He came up with the idea last week. Rather out of the blue. But how neat it would be.

This is the plan so far:
Flying in: probably Sunday, 30. January
Flying out: probably Friday, 11. February

Now for a plane. Yet it looks good. Delta Airlines has a special winter deal on offer, 2 weeks including an intermediate car, Stuttgart to Miami with only one stop in Atlanty, altogether 530 Euro per person.

As to the route - we think of a combination of driving / beaches / seeing some sights. Starting maybe in Miami. From there, to the Keys. Then up to Orlando, visit the Space Coast - crossing to Tampa / St. Petersburg - driving down the West Coast. Have some ocean time there. And then back to Miami.

And yes, we know, the West with the canyons and San Fransisco would be more spectacular. But then, we been there, and it was the driving down highways that we really liked. And in Florida, we could also be at the beach. Oh and Ronnie dreams of being at the Superbowl, but there is no way to get cards I guess. But maybe we find another American Sports event that takes place.

And I thought this winter would come without a journey.