Ocean Five
Thursday, 09.02., Miami

Back in Miami again. The same city, but it feels different now that we been here before. The ways to go and drive, they are known, forming little nets in the mind instead of labyrinths on maps. The hotel, another one, but we knew where to find it already: Ocean 5 in Ocean Drive. The front of the hotel is painted in yellow, rose, green and blue. The floor is stone. The breakfast coffee is from - Cuba.

"Where are you coming from," Valentino, the desk manager asks.
"The Everglades," I tell him.
"Germany," Ronnie corrects me, and adds: "but right now, from the Glades."
We had planned to go there on a daytrip in the first days, to see the alligators, the turtles, the grass lakes, but somehow never made it. It was in Naples, that the thougth struck me that we could still visit them. That actually, they were right along the way we drove, right along the Tamiami Trail.

More last minute planning: the way we spent this day. Even though it was clear from the beginning. A walk through Lummus Park. And then, after the East Coast we walked along yesterday, a walk on this West Coast beach, to listen to the waves, to drink in the colours of the South. Pink and turquoise. All those colours.

"And the heron. See, it is still there, looking for fish" Ronnie said.
"And the waves! Now this finally looks like the Atlantic Ocean."
"Do you know the weather forecast for home?"
"Yes. You don't want to know."
"So let's get some more of that sun."

So we went. Filling up our souls with this different wind, with this feeling of spring, of summer soon to come.
"And this evening?"
"Dinner in Jerry's Famous Deli?"
"Mozarella sticks and Budweiser?"
"And the pancakes I had on our very first morning here."

This Deli, next to Haddon Hotel, where we stayed at the beginning of our trip, at the other side of Lummus Park, in 15th Street. This Deli that looks out of a sixties movies, with red couches, round coffee cans, and star photos of the thirties hanging on the walls. I wished they had one of those back home.

Yet I am still not sure what is the best. The discovering of a new place, or the returning to a place that you discovered. But I guess we will return there, to that beach, to that deli, to that magic. And maybe one day, we even go and visit Mickey Mouse.

- DL, 2005, Wernau am Neckar -

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