The God of Snow and Flight Delays
Sunday, 30.01., Germany

It is 12.14 p.m. If all had went as planned, take off would just have happened. Alas the God of Snow and Flight Delays thought today would be a good day to play.

"As you probably already noticed, your flight to Atlanta is delayed by 3 hours", the woman at the check-in counter said to me and Ronnie when we arrived there, all bags packed.
"A blizzard caused the delay," she explained.
"And our connecting flight to Miami?"
She checked and shook her head. "It won't connect. The next possible connection will be .. Monday."
"And the night, in a hotel?"
"I am afraid it will be the airport."
Now what to do.
"Change tickets, and fly tomorrow," she suggested. "No extra charges."
It didn't take long to make that decision.

And thus, Ronnie's sister collected us again at the very place she dropped us off, a mere hour before. And thus, we find ourselves, home again, before we even left.


Some hours later

It is done. I contacted Haddon Hotel in Miami, where we have a room reservation for the first days of our trip, and it looks we can simply shift our arrival date. Same with the Alamo rent car. Plus I remembered to print the random advice for Florida I was given in a travel forum, you can find it here.

A friend heard what happened. "Much better to stay home than spend the night at crazy Atlanta airport with thousands of other stranded folks," she said and added cheerfully: "It never snows in Georgia, you know, so be prepared for anything!"

I just hope that the Snow of God doesn't chose Stuttgart for his playground tomorrow. The clouds surely look like they are only waiting for him to cook up some sky scrabble.

This is all kind of surreal.

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