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Baked Alaska
Part 1: This Katharine-Hepburn-fantasy

I've always wanted to take the ferry through the Inside Passage and camp out on deck under the heater lamps, but somehow I found myself on the Dawn Princess instead.

I know cruises aren't traveling. You barely leave the ship, and when you do, you're surrounded by tourists. But I had this Katharine-Hepburn-on-a-sea-crossing fantasy, sipping gin and tonics in a steamer chair on deck. So I bought a wide-brimmed hat with flaps that tied under my chin and flew to Anchorage.

Besides, all this luxury came cheap. My online travel agent, "Corky" Champagne, found a week-long cruise for $699, including 3 banquets a day and free 24-hour room service.

Once aboard the 13-story ship, my basket overflowed with succulent peaches and pineapples. I could charge everything to my Cruise Card: shore excursions, casino chips, spa treatments. Each night, the Princess Patter newsletter magically appeared on my door, announcing tomorrow's cocktails and sunset time.

Part 2: Reclining Postures

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