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Baked Alaska
Part 6: Icy waters

They showed "Titanic" on the ship that night. Being an idiot, I went to see it, despite the icebergs floating by outside the porthole. I cried during the final hour, when it's obvious the boat is going down, but no one in the movie knows it. While the band played, I calculated if I could swim to shore in icy waters. I also thought about spending the night in a lifeboat.

I was in my cabin the next day, packing and watching CNN, when Ken Starr's Clinton impeachment report was announced to great fanfare in Washington. I headed for dinner, dreading the inevitable political commentary. Course by course I ordered and waited: Caesar salad, crab legs, baked Alaska. They're really into flambée. They love crepe Suzette, anything they can set on fire, even ice cream. Cruise passengers are such avid spectators. They love ice carving and champagne-glass pyramids too.

"You won't believe what I saw on TV today," Thomas said as the desserts arrived.
Shit, I thought, bracing myself. Here it comes.

"'Baywatch'!" he exclaimed. "The episode in Glacier Bay. David Hasselhoff stood on the balcony right outside my cabin!"

"David Hasselhoff!"

I breathed a huge sigh of relief: I was going home.

- DW, 2004, San Francisco -

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