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Baked Alaska
Part 4: Into the glaciers

Traveling around Alaska the week before the cruise set sail, I'd driven up to see Mt. Denali, the great one, paying $160 for an hour's "flightseeing." We climbed into the tiny prop plane arranged by weight. I sat in back with 3 cameras (1 panoramic,
1 b&w, 1 SLR). We flew into Denali, into the glaciers.

I gazed at the mountain face, otherworldly and coming fast, and completely lost it. Face awash in tears, was I close to God, or dying? The woman in the next seat put her arm around me, while the pilot made fancy maneuvers. The good Samaritan squeezed my hand and shot photos with my camera. (When I developed them weeks later in California, the results were spectacular.)

The following day on the national park wildlife tour, the couple in front of me on the school bus spotted animals everywhere. "Moose at 10 o'clock," the husband called. He had a giant pair of binoculars and a camera with a 3-foot zoom lens. They wore matching trenchcoats. "How come you're so good at this?" I asked. "Oh, hunting," she replied.

Part 5: Ketchikan

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