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Baked Alaska
Part 5: Ketchikan

A week later, in port for gusty weather in Ketchikan, I hoped my $300 bear-watching trip would be canceled. This once-in-a-lifetime impulse governs all your purchases in Alaska--when will you ever be this far away again?

Unfortunately they didn't cancel. After another white-knuckle flight in a seaplane, we took a walk through a salmon hatchery, leaving us only half an hour for bear viewing.

We stood in freezing drizzle watching dying salmon leap from the river. It was beautiful in a depressing way. Finally, just as we started to walk back to the landing, a black bear ambled out of the woods and grabbed a fish in each paw. Click click click--the whir of shutters.

Then, as quickly as she'd appeared, the bear returned to the woods and we to our seaplane.

Part 6: Icy waters

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