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Baked Alaska
Part 3: It's the Love Boat

I was the youngest person on board by 25 years. The only people my age were the international staff. The waiters were Italian or Mexican, busboys Filipino, salon attendants British. With 2000 passengers and nearly 1000 crew members, I felt like royalty. Every time I opened the cabin door, my steward was standing there, smiling, ready to provide towels or replenish my fruit basket. A gorgeous Jamaican bartender offered to entertain me in port. As the stationery promised, "it's not just a cruise - it's the Love Boat."

I dreaded dinnertime, though. The good 'ole boys at my assigned table discussed posting the Ten Commandments to avert classroom shootings. They made nigger jokes while I stared out the porthole trying to make myself disappear. "You're so quiet," Thomas bellowed. "What do you think?"

One friendly contingent of football fans from Green Bay, Wisconsin wore matching sweatshirts proclaiming themselves Packer Backers. "Yoo hoo!" they'd call whenever they spotted me at the buffet. One night they even took me along to sing "That's Amore" at the karaoke bar. They couldn't believe I'd backpacked alone around Alaska. But you know what they say about meeting a man in Alaska: the odds are good, but the goods are odd.

Part 4: Into the glaciers

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