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The Journey

These are actual emails I wrote to friends and family when I went to India. They capture my first impressions and culture shock truthfully. I was tempted to edit them, but have decided to leave them as they are.

There were so many stories to be told, and I wrote them all down in my journal. Many of these were not conveyed in my emails, but how can you remember to tell of all the beautiful or shocking moments to friends when you hardly have your feet on the ground?

Besides, it's more effective to tell some stories over a glass of wine, face to face, like the tale of the day someone started a conversation with you by asking you to define God; or of the healer who said he could open your heart to love; or of the sorrow and horror of seeing "dancing bears" in chains at the side of the road.

These were all things I couldn't talk about in emails in a dingy internet café where the electricity could go out at any time.

I will never forget India.

Enjoy the emails.




Books in my Indian backpack

Lonely Planet

The only book I had with me was the lonely planet India book (for travelling).

Einstein's dream
Alan Lightman

But I also read "Einsteins dreams" by Alan Lightman. Fabulous book - 30 little fables about places where time behaves quite differently.