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Narrow alley, Delhi

Saturday, 16. November 2002 10:36
india : 3rd and last instalment today

See? Good thing I sent that last one because the whole thing froze up on me afterwards.

Where was I?

No idea. All I know is that we are staying in a place down an alley so narrow I could touch both sides if I put my arms out... and I had to dodge a cow to get to it. Tomorrow *crosses fingers* we are going to Jaipur as planned. I still don't have the strength to face the train station right now, and I can't bribe Penny enough to go alone, so it looks like something I will have to do later.

Yes, there are people riding elephants on the street. Yes, there are some pretty crazy characters. And yes, poverty is a remarkable reality here. But it still has a charm to it. I can't explain it. Mind you, I can't wait to fly south.

Hope all is well with you all. I will try to be in touch with you again soon. Maybe I will have more entertaining stories. Right now, I am just glad we found safe drinking water.


Next Mail: one final note

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