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Street, Delhi

Saturday, 16. November 2002 14:42
one final note

Well boys and girls, it's been a few hours and I've learned that neighbourhoods have their own moods, and can be fickle one moment, aggressive the next, and then suddenly develop a certain charm. This afternoon, the alley was almost chipper and bright. Tonight, it's filled with character. I hope it doesn't change again before I leave for the hotel.

We spent the afternoon trying to figure out our travel plans and just gave in to highering a driver to take us to Jaipur and Agra. I'm not sure when I can write to you all again, and I've been looking for postcards, but all I see are the ones that are jammed in my face as I walk down the street, and I can't buy those on principle. (Cello! Cello!....get away please!)

We have met lovely people here too. This afternoon we were shown around by two men. I won't even start in on what it's like being a westerner talking to men from India. I think they are as taken aback and amused by me as I am of them (mind you, I have that affect on Western men too *grin*).

My favourite noise of India so far: the scooters and motorcycles have horns that sound like a duck being strangled. I just can't take it seriously. It may lead to my death because I don't move out of the way fast enough. *QUUUUU-YACK* Poor little horn.
The cows get me moving pretty damn fast though.

Oh, and the other thing that gets me is that at night, all night, prayers both sung and spoken are played over loud speakers...
I mean at 3 am, 5 am... ALL night. It's creepy. The singing is ok, but when they talk, it just sounds like I am in a war zone. Freaks me out. We won't even get into all the truckloads of men with machine guns. I haven't seen them today though.

Goodnight gang. Feel those good Dan-vibes from across the ocean...just make sure that you send some back my way. There may be radio silence for 4 days at least. Talk with you all soon.


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