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Hindu Temple

Thursday, 5. December 2002
( excerpt from an email)

We drove to Madurai which was a let down after being in such beautiful countryside, but the temples were outstanding, including the Sri Meeknakshi Temple.

Did you know they toss pads of butter on statues of gods? I didn't. And I didn't have the elephant in the temple bless me, though it was tempting. I was feeling rather shy in the temple, and didn't want to disturb anyone or anything around me.

Periyar park included these sock get-ups to protect us from leeches (ewwww). It was nice to walk around and see some wildlife, but the large groups of people and the noise from cars and boats tended to scare away a lot of the animals.

An interesting sight was a cattle market off to the side of the road. The poor emaciated creatures were tied head to head. It was a surreal sight to behold.


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