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Sitar Player, Agra

Friday, 22. November 2002 12:51
McD's part 2

We went back to our hotel that night and I was elated that there was a bar in our hotel. I was so happy that I did a jig for a good 10 minutes while Penny was getting cleaned up, and sang the 'I'm-going-to-have-an-alcoholic-beverage' song. Penny has actually taken a picture of this. Damn, did I ever want a drink. I'd been craving one like mad for days. So we sat outside, in the crazy polluted Agra air that is so filthy it's like looking through a muddied car window, and drank a beer while eating heated peanuts. That was a good moment.

I have 20 more minutes. What else to tell you all? I leave for Trivandrum tomorrow morning (YAY! CLEAN AIR! NO MORE CHEST PAINS OR NAUSEA (I hope)!). We meet the tour group on Sunday morning at 7 am, and it's off on our next part of the adventure. Again, I am not sure when I will be able to write to you all, because it seems that all the places outside of Delhi are prehistoric when it comes to internet and we couldn't even get the hotmail screen to come up after 5 minutes of waiting. But I will try to drop a line to let ya'll know I'm fine and doing well.
Thanks for the emails. It's nice to have words from friends when you are so far from home :)

Here's something interesting. People actually guess that we are Canadian here. I think once in the entire time we've been here did someone guess American. That's pretty damn good. I've never had that experience before. In fact, people guess that we are British most often, then Canadian, twice we've gotten Australian (don't ask me) and the one time American.

I know there is something else I desperately feel I should share, but it just isn't coming to mind.

We were privy to a private performance of a sitar (spelling anyone?) and drum player. That was pretty cool. We were also blessed with holy water from the Ganges River. It appears that's the closest we'll get to the river this trip.

Yesterday all my clothes were drying so I was left with wearing my blue sundress. For those of you who have not seen this, it's a flowing simple dress that goes down to my ankles and is conservative. I also wore a little sweater over top and did up the button. But man, it was like I had poured meat powder around my neck because it just made life more miserable for me when it came to attention on the street. I was concerned too when I was getting dressed, and thought "You know, when you are sweaty and gross and wearing your regular clothes, you get a lot of hassle from people. What do you think will happen when you are dressed up a little?". And it was just stupid. It was like I'd sent a flare up in the air. Man.

But enough about yesterday. Today is a better day, and tomorrow means escape from the north. Be well my lovelies. I will talk to you all soon enough.


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