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Periyar reserve

Thursday, 28. November 2002
( an excerpt from an email to my best friend at home)

Speaking of which, today we had taken a break during a road journey, and when I got back onto the bus and sat on my chair, a butterfly was perched on the seat in front of me. I had been wondering about how you were just before it appeared.

It was black with white and blue, and it stayed with me, even as the bus started, for 15 minutes. It even let me stroke its wings for a while and seemed very content to just hang out. I took it as an omen that you are doing well ;)

Weird experience though. Don't know what made me think I could touch it, or what made it stay.

I can't WAIT to play Christmas with you. I am having a lovely time now, but still part of me yearns for the couch and bad tv and good food and chatting with you

Any last requests to be brought back for you from India? I have 2 weeks left to find whatever it is.

Update in the next 48 hours hopefully. Pet the couch for me.


Next Mail: This is Major Tom to Ground Control

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