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Switzerland seen from a plane

A trip to Copenhagen
Part 1: Miles and More

"Be sure to take home something precious from your trip:
your smile."

That's what a new sign in Zurich Airport says. Or maybe the sign isn't new, and I passed it without noticing the last time I passed through Zurich airport, one year ago, on my way from India to Germany, on my way back home.

Back then, I brought home said smile, a bag of pictures, a pile of clothes in desperate need of washing, a battered LP that knew there would be more to come one day, and more than enough miles for a free European flight, which now turned into real tickets.

Four tickets, to be more precise: one from Stuttgart to Zurich, one from Zurich to Copenhagen, one from Copenhagen to Zurich, and one from Zurich to Stuttgart. Quite some gifts for someone who loves airports, airplanes, horizons - and clouds.

Especially clouds that drift lazily in long strings, opening and closing the view to the endless patchwork of fields, forests, lakes, rivers, streets, cities and towns that stretch from Stuttgart to Switzerland.

Part 2: Cups of Cappuccino

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