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Bikes seen from a street corner

A trip to Copenhagen
Part 2: Cups of Cappuccino

A bridge that ends in nowhere is the first thing I see of Copenhagen. A beautiful long bridge, with a ship passing under it, with traffic on it, ending on a triangle island that is surrounded by water. It must be a Fata Morgana.

Behind the bridge: the airport. Little red and white striped houses. Blue airplanes. Passport control. A duty free mile to walk through. Behind the exit door, not a Fata Morgana: my friend Vicky, waiting for me.

An unbelievable clean train takes us to the city centre. On the other platform, a train to Malmö. Just some minutes away, both of it. "You gotta be careful not to fall asleep on the way to the airport, otherwise you wake up in fucking Sweden", someone says, summing up the sympathy for the neighbours in a single sentence.

Then it's Copenhagen Central Station and a city of old houses and little streets, of bicycles in rows and coffee shops in corners. Cups of chocolate and cappuccino in front of us, we watch life pass by in a leisurely pace through the window of Neptun.

Signs on the houses tell that it's Norregade here, and that's Vestergade that way. And there is Studiestræde, an with it the first time i see the a and e melted into one letter.

Posters on the wall: Dubrovnik on call, Eric Clapton and Volvo parking only, Guns'n'Roses and Godzilla, look there, across the water, a white villa.

Part 3: Danish Drizzle

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