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Tivoli seen from a bus

A trip to Copenhagen
Part 3: Danish Drizzle

The skies decided to change overnight, and the next morning greets us with Danish rain drizzling down from diffuse clouds, making for a long breakfast with English Tea, peach joghurt and sweet bread sprinkled with sesam.

The slow morning gets interrupted by a beep. "What's the plan?", a friend asks via sms. There is none yet, only a pile of options.

A walk along the water in the old old town area of Nyhavn? Modern Art in the Louisiana Museum? The alternative side of life in Christiania? Or just circling the cafes and cobblestoned steets of Strædet? Tivoli Gardens? Carlsberg Glyptotek? Round Tower?

The answer comes on the way to town, on a street crossing, with a bus passing by. "Sightseeing Tour", it says. Sounds terribly touristy, but then, let's face it, that's what we are today, and the rain hasn't stopped yet either. We get tickets for the red line, get our sits, and wait for the sights of Copenhagen to be brought to us, all freshly washed.

There is Tivoli passing by, then a palace to the right, a statue to the left. Red lights give time to look. Long lines of houses along a canal, a huge ship, and a history lesson via headphones: "In 1318, a red flag fell down from the sky. That was how Denmark was founded."

Next stop: The little mermaid, make sure to take your photos and your umbrellas. Take some of those Moments with you.

Off the bus, on the bus. The weather isn't good, but then there is something about this moody colour of the sky melting into the sea. Or maybe it's just me.

Part 4: Pints in a Pub

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