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The inside seen from the outside

A trip to Copenhagen
Part 4: Pints in a Pub

Later, it's cappucino time again, time to sit inside and look outside again. It seems to be done a lot here, that's why the windows are countless, they line the facades almost on end, and mostly without curtain, inviting the light of the day inside, opening the inside to the outside.

Something white in the air catches my eye. I don't want to believe it. But it's true, it's snow. Spring has begun three weeks ago, but winter isn't over yet.

In warm jackets we wonder through the evening, along a lake that leads to Vesterbro, where we look for a restaurant. Oh the choice. Greece? Italian? Some corners further: China. With a huge aquarium and the usual dragons and buddhas. Perfect.

After Fish Sweet and Sour and Chicken Curry, it's time for Irland, for a Pub that serves beer with curious sounding names: Hoegaarden, Boddington's Pub Ale, Smoothflow Tetley's Bitter.

"Do not hog additional barstools to rest your feet," a metal sign says. "True relaxation comes from inner peace.
Such as the reassurance of drinking a pint."

Inside, there is football playing, Arsenal loosing against Chelsea, Madrid loosing against Monaco. Poetic justice in motion, a blue Europe, or simply reason for another beer.

Outside, in the snow, there is someone in shorts, jogging along the lake. The last of the Wikings, probably.

Part 5: Traversing Towers

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