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A canal seen from a bridge

A trip to Copenhagen
Part 6:
Appropriately Armed

The Subway takes us to Christianshavn, and it's there, just some steps away from the station that finally the long waited for bridge picture falls in place: the right weather, the right view, the right moment. I click and smile, forgetting the other shots that didn't work out.

From the subway, it's just a short walk to Christiania. We cross a street, we pass the spiral tower, and are almost there.

"You are now entering the E.U." says the gate to those who leave Christiania. On the way in, it just says "No photos."

Time for a capuccino, my energy level decides. It comes with an apple pie, warm and sweet. People sit outside, it's spring again. Hard to believe it has been winter for some hours just yesterday.

What next. So much seen, so much not seen, impossible to see it all, and it's enough of seeing sights for today anyway. Taking sips, I try to remember the flow of the hours. My digital camera helps me get places in place.

In the evening, we go to the "Palads", a kitsch coloured cinema. Two surprises wait for us there: the inside of the building isn't kitsch, but art deco. And "The passion of the Christ" is shown neither in English, nor in Danish langugae, but in Hebrew, with Danish subtitles. We pass on this mix and get tickets for "Cold Mountain" instead.

Appropriately armed with a Scoobydoo-box of popcorn and a coke we enter the Palads Number 11, where rolls of celluloid take us back to the days of the American Civil War. Back then, young men were eager to leave their home to fight on their side for justice, and love wasn't always on time. Not that either of this would have changed much in the last 150 years.

After the end, a last cup of cappuccino, a last walk through the streets of Copenhagen.

And a day later, on the way back home, the sign in Zurich airport again. "Be sure to take home something precious from your trip: your smile."

No worries about that.

- DL, 2004, Wernau am Neckar -

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