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Towers seen from a tower

A trip to Copenhagen
Part 5: Traversing Towers

A new day, a new weather: overcast but dry. A walk in a park, feeding ducks, seeing the city through trees. A look on the map, trying to figure out where we are, and how the red tower in front of us is named.

The first answer is easy: Orsteds Parken. The second answer is slightly more difficult, as Copenhagen counts more than just several towers its own. There are round and square ones, high and low ones, green and red ones. Some belong to churches, others to the Town hall, the Christiansborg Palace, the Velux Hotel.

Trying to use them as fix points doesn't really work too well, it seems like the towers traverse and change places, just like the boats do, just like the music men in the mall do.

It's only when you climb one of them that the other towers stop their moving around and stand still for a while, until you think you have some orientation, until your pictures are taken - and picturesque they are, the Traversing Towers.

Round Tower is the one that we visit, there aren't steps leading upwards inside, but a cobblestoned way. "Do you see that spiral tower over there," Vicky says and points towards somewhere several streets away. "That is where Christiania is, and that's where we go next."

It's only later, while we are walking past said spiral tower, that I realize we looked at different towers. But then, as I don't know either of them, this doesn't really matter, does it. Apart from the Gargoyles the other has housed, green and gothic they had looked from afar.

Part 6: Appropriately Armed

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