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Stupa in the middle of intersection, Kathmandu


Tuesday, November 11
A moment in Kathmandu

Right in the narrow street outside a restaurant, two guys crouched on the street with an ancient relic of a stone wheel in a wooden frame that they were using to sharpen knives. On one end of it crouched a guy with a leather strap wrapped around one end of the axle, pulling it with one hand and then the other, making the wheel spin one way and then the other.

On the other side crouched (seems to be a natural position there, you see people of all ages doing it) a guy sharpening knives. Just a sight on the street in passing, and there were thousands of others.

At an intersection with a towering stupa in the middle, women with cloth or tarps spread on the street, piled with fruit or vegetables, selling. Some really sad old beggars. So many faces and forms and colors and smells and sounds, an assault on the senses, potential overload.

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