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Water source, Kathmandu Valley


Thursday, November 13
A moment in Kathmandu Valley

Glimpses of Nepal waking as we left Kathmandu. One image to me summarizes all that we saw along the road: there was a sprawling morning glory vine that was coated dirty white with dust from the road. But the beautiful purple blossoms had just opened and were spectacular and immaculate.

Like the people who live along the road, in little houses, some of them made of stones, which are plentiful. The houses share public water sources that were spaced along each side of the road. These consisted of a horizontal concrete slab and at the back of it, a vertical slab with a faucet emerging from it.

People bathed at these faucets, minimally clothed. One young woman wore a thin simple dress and washed completely in what must have been very cold water, there in public view. But then, there is a different standard of privacy. They washed dishes there in plastic dishpans, and they collected jugs of water to take back to the houses for cooking. The stoves were simple clay boxes with one end open, where small logs with one end burning were inserted.

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