between the Nakvak and the Korok: an expedition to the Torngat mountains. Hiking through the Valley of the cirques, climbing Mont d'Iberville, fishing in the Nakvak Valley, Canada, Torngat Mountains, northern Québec, trek, Nakvak, Korok, icefield, caribou trail, summit, travelogue, trip, travel, hike


A slice of dawn


Tuesday, November 18
A moment between Marpha and Kalopani

What is it that makes trekking such a wonderful experience? I know I haven't revealed it so far.

It is a synergy of various things, including traveling under your own power, being in a new and wildly different place, and the rhythm and physical exertion and cultural challenges and the people you meet or even just see and greet along the way, the glimpses into their amazing faces and lives.

And the experiences shared with your companions. And the food and the sunrises and sunsets on the snowy peaks and the little villages and the rhythm of life in those villages and on the farms you pass, and having the time to experience them some instead of flying over them or whizzing past them in a car.

Soaking in the smells, the tastes, the feel of the place. And Nepal has a good feel, a friendly feel.

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