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Pokhara seen from the stupa


Saturday, November 15
A moment in Pokhara

Sunday in Nepal is just another day, not a day off. Saturday is more in keeping with the Western view of a weekend, with banks and government offices closed. But on Sunday everything is open and the children go to school.

Pokhara is confusing. The streets are not laid out in an exact grid, so you get easily lost until you figure out that the stupa is usually visible and is a good landmark for navigation. Once you get back off the tourist street, there are many hotels, but then you quickly get into Nepali neighborhoods.

Unlike Kathmandu, there is very little car traffic once you get off the tourist street, although there are some motor bikes. The smoke from cooking fires drifts in the air, cows wander on the streets, school kids in uniforms seem to always be going to school or coming back.

There are little neighborhood stores selling soft drinks and food, and vendors sell prepared foods, baked goods, and fresh vegetables from push carts. There are gardens and chickens and people sweeping stooped over with meter-long hand brooms. It is very relaxed and friendly.

The school kids practice a little English on you, and I tried a few words of Nepali on them.

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