between the Nakvak and the Korok: an expedition to the Torngat mountains. Hiking through the Valley of the cirques, climbing Mont d'Iberville, fishing in the Nakvak Valley, Canada, Torngat Mountains, northern Québec, trek, Nakvak, Korok, icefield, caribou trail, summit, travelogue, trip, travel, hike


Home skies


Friday, November 28

I slept for 8.5 hours and awoke at five. I got up at seven and showered and shaved. One last time, I packed. Rob came out, still not sound of stomach. He hadn't vomited but he had broken out in hot and cold sweats. He made tea for us and some porridge for me with banana, the way they make it in Nepal. Kay and I chatted as he showered and then we were off. They drove me to Victoria station and insisted on parking. Kay and I got out while Rob went off to find a parking spot. Kay and I bought the ticket to Gatwick and then met up with Rob and were walking to the Gatwick Express when we realized it was about to leave. So a handshake and a hug and I jumped on with my bags.

On the way to Gatwick, passing old stations, I thought about my father being here as a young man and how much he had loved it. I wondered where my path had crossed his, and which of the scenes I was seeing he also had seen. Right after takeoff, the views were wonderfully English. Beautifully bordered and manicured green fields and paddocks below with trees and horses, looking like they had been worked with care for many generations.

A 9 hour flight, no problem with customs, they waved me right through. Thank god they didn't want to go through the monster pack. Susan was waiting and it was immensely sweet to embrace and kiss at long last. We chatted as we drove back to our sweet luxurious warm loving home.

It was Friday, November 28, and the Thanksgiving celebration had reached our house. I had never been more aware and appreciative of my many blessings.

SW, 2004, Florida

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