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Poon Hill Sunrise


Friday, November 21
A moment at
Poon Hill

Krishna, Rob, Andy and I left about 5:30 to climb Poon Hill. I wore my headlight and carried my day pack but we left everything else at the guest house. The hike was steep, with big steps, and no way to find easier footing in the dark. And Krishna set a fast pace, as usual. As we climbed, we got above the clouds and could see the stars.

At the top the wind was blowing and it was very cold. There was an observation tower already crowded with people and a lot of people on the ground. To one side was a little shed from which they were selling hot drinks. We got some hot chocolate and I opened the Hob Nobs, which were quite welcome. There were no Maoists checking receipts as I had expected.

It was a beautiful dawning with a spectacular view out above the clouds to the color show that preceded the sun, and the Annapurnas in their white coats waiting in shadows. To the west, the darkness receded in dim pastels. To the east, sky color graduations progressed until the sun shot its brilliance towards us over the clouds, and the rays kissed the white peaks.

We lingered and took photos and watched the other people, especially a very enthusiastic and large group of Japanese.

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