About and beyond

In the last years, Mallorca somehow become our end-of-April-island. It is the perfect place for a ride-the-bike and walk-the-beach and have-some-siesta and get-some-more-paella holiday.
For me, it is also a place to gather words, moments, images. The writing part of these island days is part of my online diary, starting with the entry venus one and reaching to now is the best place, lines that describe the start of this travelogue.

Travel bio
Countries visited in the last years include..
Asia: India, Thailand, Laos & Vietnam and Cambodia
Europe: France, Spain, Italy, Austria, England, Sweden, Netherlands, Denmark, and now again: Spain

More about me
and my travels can be found on my homepage: www.blueprint21.de

Books in my Mallorcian backpack

DuMont Reisetaschenbuch

This one must have been to Mallorca and back as often as we were. Yet, as nothing much changes on this island, apart from the in-places we aren't into anyway, it is just the right mix of text, maps and pictures.
Plus I like the subline: Travelbagbook.
George Orwell

"Then the face of Big Brother faded away again, and instead the three slogans of the Party stood out in bold capitals: WAR IS PEACE. FREEDOM IS SLAVERY. IGNORANCE IS STRENGHT."
The whole first chapter: here

Generation X
Douglas Coupland

"This life. I tell you."

Tales of an accelerated culture. Or: the antipode to 1984, even where cover colour is concerned.