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Palau de s'Almudaina, the ancient town hall

Thursday, 29. April 2004
Places of Palma

Palma, the huge old city in the South of Mallorca, waited for me today. And a real city it is, already from the bus I see boulevards, church towers and monuments. Then - the Place Espana. A walk through Sant Miquel. In front of a church: a couple, singing. And not only singing, but singing like in an opera! Some corners further, a guitar player, filling the air with Spanish melodies.

A sign: Museu d'Art espanyol contemporary. Not knowing what to expect, I step in. Could be everything, from landscape paintings on sale to abstract objects on exhibition, especially as the entry is free.

Waiting in the first room, there is: a Joan Miro - "Le Perroquet". And a Pablo Picasso - "Tete de Femme". And a Salvador Dali - "Figueres". And... a bench. To breathe these paintings in.

What a start, I think. And: I did this the wrong way round. The highlight at the beginning. But maybe this is right after all, is the Spanish way of doing things. The foundation that made this museum possible put all those three highlights of the exhibition in one room. In room number one.

In high spirits, I walk on, without map, following my mood. The little streets here, they are filled with houses that have character, history. No signs of war here, no destroyed quarters that have been put up again hastily in concrete instead of stone, but a city that grew and blossomed, forming stone cathedrals and art deco houses - see the photo page "Palma" to get a few views.

A lot of places here: Place Rei Joan Carlos, Place Roasari, Place Frederic Chopin. No chopin there, though, but Spanish guitar tunes again.

Walking through the old town, I pass cafes, bars, restaurants - and find the ocean without searching for it. Another Miro there, open air - a mosaique in the Parc de la Mar. In the distance: huge huge ships. Behind me: the cathedral Sa Seu. So much beauty in this world. So great to be there, in this place, in this moment.

Moved, I move on, knowing already that I will return one day.

Part 12: Invisible Sun

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