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Bay of Alcudia

Saturday, 31. April 2004
Invisible Sun

A windy day yesterday. So windy it makes you believe that time and distance are both relative, especially on a bike, and especially here in Mallorca. This odd feeling to push your way on a flat road, pushing against the wind, while leaves are winding down the road towards you. As if the village there in front of you owned a wind machine, and decided that today would be a nice day to try level 7, "wind from the South, serious."

The good thing about it: to get back, you just have to sit upright and hoist your sail, and off you go - that is: if you have that sail with you.

Today, our last holiday day. They haven't turned the wind on again yet. It is still sleeping, like most of the island, while I am just back from the last of the sunrises, one that was all soft and misty:

Strings of clouds, like brushes of paint, in rose and orange, highlighting the sky. The ocean slow, untouched yet by sailors and surfers. Towards the horizon, behind the mountains: deeper clouds in blue, almost merging with the mountain. Or is that mountains merging into sky.

The sun invisible. Rising behind blue mountains, behind blue clouds. Still I know she is there, I can feel her, I can see it in the sky, in the way the rose clouds start to glow.

This is the way it's going to be from now on, I think on the way back: the sunrise at the ocean, it will be invisible to me. But I know it's there.

- DL, 2004, Wernau am Neckar -

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