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Streets of Pollenca

Friday, 23. April 2004
Walk out

It's Sunday ~

or rather: Wednesday. But it feels like Sunday. A high reached us yesterday, and now Mallorca is glowing like summer. The sky deep blue, the temperatures rising.

Breakfast outside on the terrace this morning, for the first time. A family of sparrows having breakfast with us, waiting for crumbs, chirping. A beautiful day. A good day to go for a ride, a good day to go for a photo safari.

Ronnie takes the long way, the one that leads down to Santa Maria del Cami, then up to Soller and over the Coll de Puig Major. A scenic ride that includes an endless number of serpentines to climb and great views. We did it together, two years ago. This year, it is his tour.

For me, it is photo time in Pollenca instead. Just a short ride away, we pass this little town almost every day, but we been inside the maze of streets just once, last year, for a short stop. Today I return, in jeans and T-shirt, which is so much more comfortable to walk around than the biking clothes. In my bag, the photo, a pen and a piece of paper, and the idea of an experimental walk: not heading for the sights of a place, but taking a random route, first street left, then walk 50 steps, and take a picture of what you see, and write some lines. Then next street right, walk 50 steps, take a picture.

It worked out beautiful. Or rather: it walked out beautiful. Made me see more. Made me see in a different way. This idea, it came from a friend, just a week before this trip. I already tried it in our hometown - which was the basic idea, to do the photo walk in a place you think you know. It's great.

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